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Customers may bring in a maximum of 30 items once a month during store buying periods.

Items must be clean of all hair, dirt and stains and smoke free.

No rips, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, or tears (unless part of the original design)

We will not be able to accept any clothing that does not meet the above stipulations.

Clothing will be accepted: If it is current fashion, on an “as need” basis.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!

The Style Wherehouse team

How it Works

A customer may bring UP TO 30 items per month.  

Two associates will sort through the merchandise and determine what we can keep and what we can’t

The customer will be paid 35% of the price we are going to sell her items for.  Example:  We accept a dress and are going to put on the selling floor for $10.00.  Our customer will receive $3.50 – 35% of the selling price.

Check “What We Accept” guidelines to help you determine what to bring in for us to look at.

A check is written to the customer and will be called when it is ready to be picked up.

We ask that our customers pick up their check within 30 days from the time they receive our phone call.

Any items that we do not accept will be the responsibility of the customer to take back.  Please be prepared to take with you when you pick up your check.  No check will be given to our customers without the “no thank yous” being taken at the same time.

We do not accept children’s clothing.

We are currently looking for spring and summer merchandise


Children’s Clothes

The Style Wherehouse decides on the items that will do well in the store and will offer a dollar amount or store credit for those items.  Items brought in should be clean, non-smelling, and in good condition.
We reserve the right to refuse items.  Items that are refused must be picked up within a week of our refusal.  Any items left after a week become property of the Style Wherehouse.